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The adjustable parameters for the new feature are: - Launch control enable. - Launch RPM fuel cut & restore. (Adjustable with cruise switches.) - Launch AFR target. - Launch ignition target. - Launch throttle position min. (So it only activates at WOT.) - Launch min speed. (So it deactivates over a set speed. ) - Engine Temp. Min/Max setting. This feature, won't allow the activation of 2-Step, if the engine is bellow or above, set limits. If you purchased UpRev Standard or UpRev Tuner from our web-store (or second hand), we can add the 2-Step Feature to your current tune. 

You will need to email with your Order# in the subject field. This is currently only available for the 370Z and the G37 manual transmission models, and VQ35RevUp 350Z/G35. Include your ECU part number (23710-?????) and a license report from your cable and email to