Stance XR1 Coilovers - True-Style Rear

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Suspension tuning is a sort of "black art". Properly valving dampers is difficult to master and there are many variables involved in making the perfect suspension. We have acquired our knowledge through our involvement in all forms of motorsports. Vehicles using our custom valved dampers have excelled in drifting, time attack, drag racing, land speed, and hill climb. Drivers at the highest level of competition need maximum traction control, and that is what our Bespoke dampers provide.

The XR1 is our new flagship line of coilovers. Oversized diameter shocks allow large pistons for ultimate performance and response. 16-way adjustable dampening allows the driver to tune the shocks for any conditions and handling characteristics. With huge range of adjustment that can be felt and seen, it offers serious performance for all levels of drivers. Stance XR1 coilovers are built with highest quality materials and tolerances to ensure durability and performance.


The Stance damping adjuster knob, or “Clicker”, is designed to offer an easy and convenient way to adjust the damping of your coilover. Our heavy-duty adjuster gives a very positive “click” for each of the 16 levels of adjustment, making it easy to keep track of your personalized settings.

Our piston has been developed to deliver a large range yet responsive adjustments. Even with this large adjustment range, each click is even and precise to provide excellent fine tuning ability. Winning races has taught us that compliance is key, even for competition setups. Our know how allowed us to fine tune the valving balance providing you the ability to go from compliant & forgiving to firm & responsive with just a few clicks of the knob.

Digressive Damping

Digressive valving produces high damping forces at low shaft velocities & softer damping forces at high shaft velocities. Low speed damping gives better control of the chassis movement & provides quicker feedback to the driver, enhancing overall feel & confidence on the road & track. Digressive high speed valving profile blows off big bumps forces for smooth response, giving optimal chassis balance for maximum grip.


  • 16-Way Damping Adjustable
  • Cold Wound Linear Spring
  • Monotube Shocks (Inverted on some applications)
  • Dustboot
  • Aluminum Collars & Upper Mounts
  • Height Adjustable Lower Bracket
  • True-Style Rear Coilover Design

Spring Rates:

  • Front: 13K
  • Rear: 8K