Stance XR3 True Style Monotube Coilovers (09+)

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Stance XR3 Coilovers feature Stance's Inverted Monotube Design. Originally designed for use in professional motorsports, inverted monotube technology has many advantages over upright monotube dampers. Stance's XR3 Coilovers also feature Stance's external oil reservoirs to prevent aeration of the suspension's oils. Stance's 45mm strut shaft offers increased lateral rigidity over competitor's upright dampers that use 20mm shafts. If the shaft is not stiff enough it can cause the damper to bind under heavy loads and limit the suspension travel - leading to premature wear on the shaft seals and piston bands, causing oil leakage. Stance inverted monotube dampers offer exceptional ride comfort without sacrificing performance.


  • Front Spring Rate: 12kg / 175mm
  • Rear Spring Rate: 8kg / 200mm


  • Inverted Monotube Design
  • Durable Electrode-position Coating
  • Easy Installation
  • Digressive Damping
  • External Reservoirs