RZG 400-450WHP Boost Kit

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Are you tired of wishing for boost but not thinking that you can afford it? Well today is your lucky day... RZG is now offering a cost effective boost package to get you that extra horsepower youve been wanting:


RZG 400-450whp Package:

1 Vortech SCi Supercharger Kit
1 Set of 660cc Bosch PnP Injectors
1 AEM 320lph Fuel Pump (E85 Compatible)
1 Custom Uprev Tune and License w/ ARC by Ray Rowe
(Etuning Available with purchase of Uprev cable)


This kit will give you all the power you need to beat those mustangs and civics that try and line up with you on the street while still keeping driveability and reliability with an uprev tune. Decide to build your motor later down the road and want more boost? No problem! Just upgrade to a fuel return system from The Administration / AdminTuning and get a smaller pulley system and your ready for more boost with just a simple retune.

*All Vortech Kits are made to order direct from Vortech and take an average of 15 days to complete.
*Upgraded clutch/flywheel is recommended for these horsepower levels*