RZG Motorsports offers E-tuning services using Uprev (For list of compatible vehicles please (click here)

E-Tunes are $200 (Click here to pay)

Uprev e-tunes include:

1- Performance map (your choice of fuel, E85 or 93)

2- RZG Heatwave map (If requested)

3- All applicable ARC features turned on 

Any additional Fuel Maps will be an additional $50 tuning fee. 

**If you do not have cruise control, map switching and some of the ARC features are not available**

If you have any further questions after reading below please call us at 252-497-2994 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. 


What Do I Need for an E-tune?

You will need to have an Uprev Flash cable along with the standard Uprev License and ARC License. If you do not already have your own cable they can be purchased with the links below. If you already have a cable and just need the licenses they can be purchased with the links below. 

Uprev Standard Flash Cable -- (Just the Cable)

Uprev Standard Flash Cable and Licenses -- (Cable, Uprev License, ARC license)

Uprev ARC License  - (For those who already have their own cable)

Uprev License -(For those who already have their own cable)

You must also have the Uprev Software Downloaded onto a windows compatible laptop equipped with a USB port. Software can be downloaded here .

***If you have an 03 350z/G35 you will need to purchase a logging capable wideband gauge. Your car did not come equipped with a factory wide-band and an aftermarket one will be needed to complete the tune. ***** (Can be Purchased Here)


I Already Have Everything I Need Whats Next?

Once you have purchased everything you need and downloaded the Uprev software please click here ( Uprev Etune ) and checkout on our website. Please read the Uprev User Guide beforehand to familiarize yourself with how everything works. Once we have received payment we will be emailing you for your mod list as well as ECU Part Number. Your ECU Part Number can be found once you have opened the Uprev sofware and plugged your cable into the vehicle and the laptop. See below


Once we have your mod list and ecu part number we will email over your first tune file. When you receive the file please download it to your laptop and store it somewhere that is easily accessible. Plug the cable into the vehicle and the laptop and open the Uprev software. Once the cable has connected it will say ECU Ready. You will see more square red buttons light up once the cable is connected. To flash the base tune onto the car select Flash Tune file, your computer files will open and select the downloaded file we emailed over and submit. 

Where it says ECU ready will then tell you instructions on what to do with the key while the software is flashing onto the ECU. Please be sure to follow the instructed actions when prompted. You will notice your radiator fans turning on during the flashing process, this is normal. Once the process is complete and the fans turn off your car now official has a tune. 


Logging and Tracing

Once your car is flashed with the base tune we will need you to log some parameters while driving under different conditions and send us back the data so we can make the adjustments needed to the tune file. One of the red buttons should say logging and tracing. This is what you want to click to open the logging software. Along with your tune files we will also request what kind of logs we would like to receive back. These can vary on a car to car basis so please read the email thoroughly. Once you have clicked on the logging button you will see this screen

On the right hand side you will see the data parameters that can be checked or unchecked. Please select the following:

AFR Bank 1 and Bank 2
AFR correction Bank 1 and Bank 2
Base fuel schedule
Calculated load
Coolant temp
Engine speed (RPM)
Ignition timing advance
Knock strength
Hi Det flag
Throttle position (either one)
MAF voltage

Some of these parameters will not be available for some models so check as many as are available. 

The red circle button at the bottom of the new window is the record button. When you are ready to start recording your log you will simply click the red button to start and to stop. Once you have stopped recording you need to select File and save. Please send back the requested saved logs through email to rzgmotorsports@gmail.com. Once we have received the logs we will make the required adjustments and send back a request for new logs and the updated file. This will continue back and forth until the tune is complete. Typical turn around time for each new file is 1 business day. This can vary due to work load but we will try our best to get your tune finished as quickly as possible. Forced Induction tunes due tend to take more time so please keep that in mind. We do not send tunes over the weekend unless previously discussed so please plan accordingly.