JWT C1 Camshafts w/ Valve Springs and Shims (08+VHR)

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JWT exhaust camshafts for your VQ37VHR offer a 263 Degree Duration with 0.446" of Max Lift. Jim Wolf Technology has produced these exhaust camshafts to increase mid-range torque as well as top end horsepower. With supporting mods, these camshafts can add as much as 30lb-ft around 3000rpm with an additional 10hp at 7500rpm. 


  • JWT Exhaust Camshaft (2)
  • JWT High RPM Valve Spring (12)
  • JWT Valve Spring Shim (12)
  • JWT Extended Cam Sprocket Bolts (2)
  • JWT Cam Sprocket Bolt Washer (2)
  • JWT Rear Camshaft Bolt (2)
  • JWT Cam Bolt Seal - Copper (2)