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This service is for those who are looking to install a new ECU into your vehicle using the EcuTek software to bypass the security system (NATS). You must already have purchased an EcuTek license for this service. If you have not, please include that item when you checkout with your NATS delete service and we will have the License added to your ECU Connect Programming kit or to the ECU if you are mailing it in. If the ECU you are using has been flashed by another tuner already, when we send you a NATS disabled file or flash it onto the ECU here for you, all existing tunes on the ECU will be removed. If you are needing an Etune as well from us please also include that in your purchase. If you would like to have us flash the ECU for you please mail your ecu to 


RZG Motorsports 

5530 US Highway 17 South Unit 6

New Bern, NC 28562

Please include your order number in the box. Once we have flashed the ECU we will send you an invoice to your email on file to pay for the return shipping. We will return the ECU in the same packaging it arrives in. 


If you have your own EcuTek Connect with Phone Flashing and would like to complete this service remotely please submit your ECU Information through your APP and we will upload your NATS disabled tune file.