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UpRev Re-Flash License - Additional License
For those with multiple cars and that are in need of additional UpRev licenses.

** UpRev Reflash credits are not automated. **
They are processed manually Mon-Fri 10am-5pm CST. If you did not purchase license credits during business hours, the license refill will be added THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Any licenses purchased on weekends or holidays will be processed next business day.


Uprev License now includes ARC Features for no additional cost

The adjustable parameters for the new feature are: - Launch control enable. - Launch RPM fuel cut & restore. (Adjustable with cruise switches.) - Launch AFR target. - Launch ignition target. - Launch throttle position min. (So it only activates at WOT.) - Launch min speed. (So it deactivates over a set speed. ) - Engine Temp. Min/Max setting. This feature, won't allow the activation of 2-Step, if the engine is bellow or above, set limits. If you purchased UpRev Standard or UpRev Tuner from our web-store (or second hand), we can add the 2-Step Feature to your current tune. 


You will need to email rzgmotorsports@gmail.com with your Order# in the subject field. Include your ECU part number (23710-?????) and a license report from your cable and email to rzgmotorsports@gmail.com